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Commitment to Quality

PMI Truck Bodies, Inc. is totally committed to understanding and meeting the quality needs of our customers. We are dedicated to providing the best and highest quality products available on the market. PMI Truck Bodies, Inc. has a proud reputation of supplying superior workmanship and going beyond expectations.

PMI Truck Bodies is a proud supplier of Scelzi Service and Utility Bodies. Scelzi Service Bodies are top of the line and a leader in the industry. Scelzi bodies are manufactured to high standards of quality and offer superior features. These bodies are undercoated and sealed with an oil-based automotive coating for added protection and long life. Scelzi uses a modular wiring harness structure which includes convenient lamp plug-ins and protective plastic wire loom. The entire unit is snaked through steel tubes which are welded permanently to the undercarriage - a wiring system far superior to those supported only by temporary clips or glue-on tabs. Also, a Scelzi trademark, undercarriages for flatbed and utility bodies are supported by more steel crossbeams than those of most other truck body manufacturers.

PMI Truck Bodies, Inc. will aggressively strive to provide superior performance in our service and will work hard to ensure that customers are delighted when doing business with our company.